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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions about a Mailchimp Medical


Everyone’s got questions they need answered, especially before letting someone dive into their Mailchimp Account.

That’s why we created an ever updated FAQ section so you can get your questions answered AND ask new ones which we’ve not thought of – which we’ll then subsequently add to the page for others to see and benefit from.

We hope you find this information useful and helps you with your thought process and plans for your medical.

How do you get access to my Mailchimp Account?

As a Mailchimp Agency, we can request a “side door” acces to your account, which means you don’t need to share your log in details with us (or anyone – never share log in details).
Once we’re ready, you’ll get an email from Mailchimp with our details requesting access… jsut accept the invite, log into Mailchimp and confirm our access at ADMIN level – and we’ve got access!

How the Mailchimp Medical Works

The Mailchimp Medical is an indepth